1066 Sound Request Show from 13 February 2021 with Tony Davis

Just in case you fancy a listen this is the show from World Radio Day complete with me messing up the introduction and referring to it as New Years Eve rather than Valentines Eve. We always have an eclectic mix of music on the show but this week I think the listeners have excelled themselves with their picks. If you enjoy this show and the other request shows why not join us live every Saturday night at 5.30pm (UK time) on 1066sound.caster.fm

The music is always great and the banter on my Facebook link is friendly and amusing. Go on give it a try!

Dire Straits – Romeo & Juliet (1980 Making Movies)
Demented Are Go – Heads On Poles (2012 Welcome Back to Insanity Hall)
Temple Balls – Thunder From The North (2021 single)
Judas Priest – Love You To Death (1988 Ram It Down)
Spooky Tooth – I Am The Walrus (1970 The Last Puff)
Carole King – You Got A Friend (1971 Tapestry)
Barbara Dickson – January February (1980 The Barbara Dickson Album)
Space – Neighbourhood (1996 Spiders)
VNV Nation – When Is The Future (2018 Noire)
Violent Silence – A Broken Truce (2013 A Broken Truce)
Inglorious – Eye Of The Storm (2021 We Will Ride)
Whitesnake – Is This Love (1987 Whitesnake)
Phil Hendriks – Radio Calling SOS (2020 Radio Calling)
Jeff Healey – Angel Eyes (1988 See The Light)
First Aid Kit – Rebel Heart (2018 Ruins)
Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (1981 Face Value)
TANYC – Faster (2021 single)
Nervosa – Kill The Silence (2018 Downfall of Mankind)
Rufus & Chaka Khan – Tell Me Something Good (1974 Rags to Riches)
Steve Winwood – Freedom Overspill (1986 Back In The High Life)
Thin Lizzy – Emerald (1978 Live & Dangerous)
In Th Silence – Ever Closer (2012 A Fair Dream Gone Mad)
Poets of the Fall – Rebirth (2014 Jealous Gods)
Procol Harum – A White Shade of Pale (1967 single)
Dire Straits – Private Investigations (1982 Love Over Gold)

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