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This is a story about a friend of mine. He’s not musician or anything to do with the music scene, he’s just a really nice guy that I have worked with for several years who I really admire and respect for his attitude in dealing with this dreadful disease. Music and rock’n’roll have always tried to help those in need…look at Live Aid and Amnesty International. Please take a few moments to read Allan’s story and if you feel you can, please support his efforts. Remember Rock’n’Roll never forgets!

Positively Parkinson’s Solent Swim Challenge 2021

I know a lot of you may already know me and of course, some of you may not know me, of even heard of my name.

Whether you know me, or not, today I am reaching out to you all, to raise awareness, and raise some vitally needed funds, to hopefully sometime soon, find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

I had a diagnosis of this condition back in July 2019, and I’m slowly but surely managing to learn, live and manage with this disease as best I can. At the moment there is no cure, so medication combined with intense exercise, can slow the progression of this condition down, and I take regular medication and now regularly take up high intensity exercise, as part of my daily routine.

My exercise regime, is under the supervision of specialist therapists, who introduced me to Positively Parkinson’s, and the work it does to raise awareness of PD, and to raise funds to enable a cure one day to be found for this disease, by challenging one’s self, and living brave. This year’s challenge, on August 7th 2021, is for individuals who have, or individuals who are affected by PD, to swim from Gosport in Hampshire, across to Ryde on the Isle of Wight. This stretch of water is known as The Solent, from point to point it is 5km, and contains some extremely volatile sea currents, and an extremely busy shipping lane. So, for me, it was challenge accepted!

I started training in the sea in January this year, and I’m slowly building up to the big day with both sea swim training, pool swim training, and upper body strength training in a gym, and following a strict KETO diet. To date I have mastered total immersion swimming, overcome some breathing difficulties when underwater, and managing acute bouts of sea sickness when swimming in the sea.

It would mean a great deal to me, my fellow swimmers, and all those I’m sure affected by PD if you could sponsor me for this swim, or if you want to get involved too, you can join in with pool swims over the coming months, which will also raise awareness, and will also raise those all-important vital funds.

Below are some links, so you can find out more information, and sponsor me for this swim if you are able to!



A big thank you for taking the time in reading this, and if you can, get involved, or if you can sponsor me on this epic challenge, an even bigger thank you!

Allan & his neuro physiotherapist Vicky

before a training swim in the sea at Lee-on-Solent

Allan Coe

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