27 November 2021 Request Show on 1066 Sound with Tony Davis

This week’s Request Show features the normal mix and range of music. I hope that you enjoy it and please feel free to share around the world.

The Band – Rag Mama Rag (1969 The Band)
The Smiths – Hand In Glove (1984 The Smiths)
Nothing But Thieves – Unperson (2020 Moral Panic)
SAHB – Next (1973 Next)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – O Children (2004 Abbatoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus)
Kiss – I Love It Loud (1982 Creatures Of The Night)
Krashkarma – Bury Me Alive (2018 Morph)
Tribulation – Nightbound (2018 Down Below)
Furor Gallico – La Notta Dei Centro Fuochi (2015 Songs From Earth)
Smalltape – Colors (2021 Hungry Heart)
Genesis – Ripples (1976 A Trick Of The Tail)
The Doors – Riders On The Storm (1971 LA Woman)
Devilment – Life Is What You Keep From The Reaper (2016 The Mephisto Waltzes)
Black Angel – Want For More (2020 Kiss Of Death)
U2 – Even Better Than the real Thing (!991 Achtung Baby)
The Vintage Caravan – Clarity (2021 Monuments)
Peter Gabriel – Moribund The Burgermeister (1977 Peter Gabriel I)
Johan – Tumble & Fall (2001 Pergola)
Mostly Autumn – Carpe Diem (2005 Storms Over Still water)
Queen – To Much Love Will Kill You (1995 Made In Heaven)
Evanescence – Bring Me To Life (2003 Fallen)
Devilskin – Never See The Light (2014 We Rise)
Clepsydra – The Missing Spark (2014 Fears)

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