A Lockdown Extra from Tony Davis and 1066 Sound – a new show from 12 November 2020

As lockdown is with us in the UK again I thought I would do some extra shows to try and help lift people’s spirits. This one from last night contains some left over requests, new tracks and some stuff I just wanted to play. Hope you enjoy it.

Focus – Sylvia
Introitus – Broken Glass
Type O Negative – Halloween In Heaven
Bill Mallonee/Vigilantes of Love – Cloth Of Life
Pink Floyd – When The Tigers Broke Free
Pandoras Shadow – Solo (2020 7 Hurts)
The Carpenters – Goodbye To Love
Those Damn Crows – Kingdom of Dust (2020 Point of No Return)
Stellaris – Stellaris
Queen – Ogre Battle (Queen II)
John Martyn – Dusty (1968 The Tumbler)
Rush – Freewill (1980 Permanent Waves)
Saga – Heaven Can Wait (1997 Pleasure and Pain)
The Small Faces – Song of a Baker (1968 Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake)
Clifford T Ward – Homethoughts From Abroad (1973 Homethoughts From Abroad)
Pure Reason Revolution – Ghosts & Typhoons (2020 Eupnea)
Arivmia – Stole My Fire (2013 Echoes From The Wilderness)
The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations (1967 Smiley Smile)
Gary US Bonds – Club Soul City (1982 On The Line)
The Family Cat – Springing The Atom (1994 Magic Happens)
Massive Wagons – Under No Illusion (2018 Full Nelson)
Cottonmouth – Hollow (2020 Single)
Wishbone Ash – You See Red (1978 No Smoke Without Fire)

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