Arkansas Dave returns to Hastings – The Stag Inn 13 July 2019 at 8pm

American singer/songwriter Arkansas Dave returns to the Stag Inn, All Saints Street, Hastings at 8pm on 13 July 2019 for his third appearance at the venue in 12 months. For those of you that like your music rock/blues/country/Americana this is the gig for you. I think this man is a great talent and will become a big name in music. I will be interviewing Dave for and Hastings Rock before the gig so look out for that in the near future. You can check out his great debut album on Spotify.

Posted here is his latest single Diamonds and reviews of his debut album, together with a couple of photos from his first appearance at The Stag. Come on out and join us y’all, I really rate this man.


Arkansas Dave released his debut album to critical acclaim last year – a little feedback below…

One hell of a debut.
– Subba Cultcha

Nothing but pure goodness.
– Pop Dose

We highly recommend you go out and purchase the album and a ticket to his upcoming tour, as you definitely want to be able to turn around to all your mates in 6 months and tell t hem you were the one who discovered him first.
– Music News

‘His debut album is filled with guitar-heavy tracks, gritty vocals and raw songwriting at it’s best.
– Lyric

…he cackles and crazed-gospel-preaches his way through four sides that veer between Seventies Stones licks and hooch-swilling southern bar boogie, ably assisted by the Muscle Shoals Studio rhythm section.
– The Arts Desk

I’m very rarely wrong with such matters and yet again I’m right, this is an album you too NEED TO OWN!
– Rocking Magpie

This is a truly fantastic album that deserves a lot of recognition
– Building Our Own Nashville

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