CHR Tuesday Night Rock Show with Tony Davis

Another edition of my CHR show in case you missed it or would like to listen again. You can join the show live every Tuesday night between 8pm and 10pm on or by asking Alexa or Google to find Conquest Hospital and Community Radio. I hope you can join the regulars for an evening of new music and some classic tracks, including the listeners Threeplay Slot.

Huey Lewis & The News – The Power Of Love (1985 Back To The Future Soundtrack)
Arkansas Dave – Natural State Of Mind (2021 single)
Plush – Athena (2021 Plush)
The Temperence Movement – Only Fried (2013 Temperence Movement)
Dirtbag Republic – Days Are Gone (2021 Tear Down Your Idols)
Sons Of Liberty – Fire & Gasoline (2021 Aces & Eights)
Nightwish – The Islander (2007 Dark Passion Play)
Mostly Autumn – Into The Stars (2019 White Rainbows)
When Rivers Meet – Never Coming Home (2021 Saving Grace)
Old Glory & The Black Riviera – Downtown (2018 Old Glory & The Black Riviera)
Motorhead – Jumpin’ Jack Flash (20`7 Under Cover)
David Lee Roth – Damn Good (1988 Skyscraper)
Boz Scaggs – King Of El Paso (2006 Dig)
The 69 Eyes – Black Orchid (2019 West End)

Threeplay picked by Sarah Newman
Gary Numan – Now & Forever (2021 Intruder)
Volbeat – For Evigt (2016 Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie)
The Birthday Massacre – Forever (2011 Imaginary Monsters)

Gathering Of Kings – Heaven On The Run (2020 Discovery)
Stew – Endless Journey (2019 People)
Greta Van Fleet – Rolling In The Deep (2018 Spotify Single)
White Raven Down – Price You Pay (2021 single)
The Black Moods – She Gets Out (2021 single)
The Dark Side Of The Moon – Jenny Of Oldstones (2021 single)
Cry Of Love – Peace Pipe (1993 Brother)
Metallica – Nothing Else Matters (1991 Metallica)

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