Latest 1066 Sound Request Show from 12 September 2020

Here is a chance to listen to or listen again to last night’s request show. Once again a wide selection of music for your enjoyment. Please feel free to share around the world.

Thin Lizzy – Warrior
Steve Earle – Copperhead Road
Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
Richie Sambora – All That Really Matters
Moongarden – MDMA
Pink Floyd – What Do You Want From Me
Yello – Rubberbandman
King Crimson – The Night Watch
Pluto – Man Overboard
Ghost – Life Eternal
Anubis Gate – Back In Black
Alter Bridge – Godspeed
Fury – Haul Away
Thin Lizzy – Still In Love With You
Amorphis – Drowned Maid
Cody Carpenter – Transcendence
Sting – Little Wing
Queen – The Show Must Go On
XTC – All You Pretty Girls
In Flames – Wallflower
Figuresmile – Code of Death
Arivimia – End of the Line

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