Lily Ramona Musical Mongtage

I would like to introduce you to another singer/songwriter that I think deserves listening time. She is from Hastings and is called Lily Ramona. I have heard Lily a few times and she will headline a show that I am jointly promoting with the Stag Inn, Hastings on 12 January 2020. In my view there is an ethereal quality to Lily’s voice which captures your attention immediately. On her website she is described in this way:

Likened to Joni Mitchell and Suzanne Vega, Lily creates a sound which is both traditional and modern. Her vocals embody a freshness and natural charm that reflect a pure love of melody and the joy of singing. Lily’s vocals are duly matched by her Guitar playing. An accomplished Guitar player; Lily works hard to create more than mere accompaniment. With more than a nod to traditional and technical aspects of the Folk genre, her playing retains a freshness and abandonment which is a perfect compliment to her vocals. Lily’s songwriting exhibits purity and maturity in equal measure; lyrics which touch on the real and the imagined are portrayed with the passion of a true artist. Her vocals embody a freshness and natural charm that reflect the pure love of melody and singing.

The tracks I’ve chosen here are Strawberry Moon and Into The Mirror both from her EP Into The Mirror. You can find out more about Lily here:¬†

I hope you agree with me that she needs to be heard more.

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