Local Music Show on Hastings Rock on 20 May 2021 with Tony Davis sponsored by The Stag Inn, All Saints Street, Hastings

This is the second edition of the show presenting local music from Hastings, UK during this broadcast. It shows yet again what talented musicians and artists we have in Hastings. We are so lucky to have such a vibrant music scene. I would also like to express my thanks to the show’s sponsors Nick and Nicole of the Stag Inn.

Redcatz – Rock This Town
4Ts and a Sugar- The Locked Heart
Milton Hide – Buckle Up (2021 Temperature’s Rising)
Buddha Triangle – Seasons Change
Blabbermouth – One Good Thing
Gareth Huggett – Old Town (2021 Kinda Blues)
Maid Of Ace – Monster (2016 Maid Of Ace)
Kid Kapichi – Glitterati (2021 This Time Next Year)
HotWax – Stay Cool
Matilda’s Scoundrels – Jousting Crowd
Dani Turner – How We Live
Buick Six – Hard Times Here
Joe Clements – Turn It Up (2020 Number One EP)
Gripper Lee 3 – Nature’s Retribution
Gripper Lee 3 – Wheel of the Year
Pretty Kachina – Living For The Weekend (2020 Kachina Dreams)
Ditch The Demon – Sigil
The Equatorial Group – Prague (2019 Falling Sands)
Keith Foster – George Street (2019 Songs of Ghosts & Piers & Splinters)
Sister Suzie – Angel From Montgomery (Live at The Stag Inn 2020)
Helio – Drowning
Arivmia – Sinners Myth
Someone Anyone – Birds (2021 Single)
Jason McNiff & Lily Ramona – Thoughts
Dastardly Dudes – Desert Sun (2021 pre-release Righteous Gods and Fallen Angels)
Dandelion Charm – Skywalker (2016 Tiny Drop)

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