New 1066 Sound Podcast from Tony Davis

My first podcast of the new year recorded at the 1066Sound studios in Hastings. These 1066 podcasts are designed to bring together some music that I would not play on the radio stations that I broadcast on, so there may be a need for parental guidance on some tracks.

I hope you enjoy this selection of music and please feel free to share around the world. Thanks for supporting what we try and achieve here.

Spock’s Beard – A Treasure Abandoned (Brief Nocturns & Dreamless Sleep)
Cry Of Love – Peace Pipe (1993 Brother)
Timothy B Schmidt & Sheryl Crow – The Good Fight (single November 2019)
Four Teas & A Sugar – The Locked Heart (single January 2020)
Voodoo Vegas – King Without A Crown (2013 The Rise of Jimmy Silver)
Eulogy – Blood Red Sky (single December 2019)
Esoterica – Silence (2009 The Riddle)
Wayward Sons – Something Wrong (2017 Ghosts of Yet To Come)
Vega – Kiss of Life (single November 2019)
Pandoras Shadow – Who I Am (2019 7 Hurts)
Arc Angels – Sent By Angels (1992 Arc Angels)
Motels – Whose Problem (1980 Countdown)
Bronco – Time Slips Away (1971 Ace of Sunlight)

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