Tony Davis A List Show 24 July 2020

Here is a chance to listen or listen again to a live show which presents what I believe to be some of the best music around. It is either new bands who I think need more or a listen or defunct bands whose back catalogues bear investigation.

I hope you enjoy my choice of tracks and please feel free to share so that we can spead this good music around the world.

Track Listing
Dastardly Dudes – Jeckyll & Hyde (2020 Heartbreaker)
Bad Touch – Too Much of A Good Thing (2020 Kiss The Sky)
Temperance Movement – Magnify (2016 White Bear)
Felix Rabin – I Will Be Gone (2018 Down Our Roads)
Bush – Undone (2020 The Kingdom)
Black Orchid Empire – My Favourite Stranger (2018 Yugen)
Junkyard Drive – Mama (2020 Single)
Eulogy – Blood Red Skies (2019 Single)
Empyre – My Bad (2019 Self Aware)
Gravity Machine – Dreamtime (2020 Red)
Massive Wagons – Under No Illusion (2018 Full Nelson)
Skintrade – Tower (2020 The Show Must Go On)
Esoterica – Running Blind (2012 Nothing Left To Lose)
Gathering of Kings – From A Whisper To A Scream (2020 Discovery)
Crow Black Chicken – The Prophet (2016 Pariah Brothers)
Dead Daisies – Lock’n’Load (2013 Dead Daisies)
Pandoras Shadow – Righteous (2019 7 Hurts)
Gallows Circle – Faith To Believe (2018 Single)
Ryders Creed – Memories (2020 Lost Souls)
The Dust Coda – Rock’n’Roll (2017 The Dust Coda)
Super Vintage – Salvation Road (2015 Salvation Road)
Scarlet Rebels – Heal (2019 Show Your Colours)
Collateral – Going With The Wind (2018 4 Shots!! EP)
Hookers & Blow – Rocks Off (2020 Single)

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