Tony Davis live on CHR 24 August 2021

Back in action again after a dose of Covid-19 here is the latest CHR show. In my opinion some cracking music in here. Please enjoy and share.

The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock and Roll (in memory of Charlie Watts)
Temperance Movement – You Fool No-one (single 20/8/21)
Dig Lazarus – Tell Me Why (2019 EP Figured It Out)
Hunted by Elephants – One Away (2019 Rise of the Elephants)
Uriah Heep – Look At Yourself (1971 Look At Yourself)
South of Salem – It Came Out Of The Black (2020 The Sinner Takes It All – digital bonus track)
One Last Day – Holding Onto Nothing (single 27/8/21)
Massive Wagons – Black Witch (2014 Fight The Syst0em)
The Room – Drowning In Sound (2019 Caught By The Machine)
Ditch The Demon – Time Machine (2021 single)
Jefferson Archive – Coming Home (2020 Whisky & Water) – for Rubi
Inglorious – Cruel Intentions (2021 We Will Ride)
Ward XVI – Catch Me If You Can (2020 Metamorphosis)

Pink Floyd – Money (1973 Dark Side Of The Moon)
Chicago – Does Anybody Know What Time It Is (1969 Chicago Transit Authority)
Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4 (1970 Chicago II)

Fugitive – Not Guilty (single 20/8/21)
Ashen Reach – Epiphany (2020 Homecoming)
Rush – Losing It (1982 Signals)
Esoterica – Birds In A Hurricane (2012 Nothing Left To Lose)
Bastette – Rollercoaster (single 20/8/21)
Before The Storm – Before The Storm (single 20/8/21)
Poison- Every Rose Has It’s Thorn (1988 Open Up and Say…Ahh)
Maneskin – Beggin’ (2017 Chosen)
God Damn Smile – Superheroes (single 20/8/21)

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