Tony Davis on CHR 9 March 2021

As well as the weekly request shows on 1066 Sound I continue with my weekly rock show on CHR. Although a hospital radio station it attracts listeners from all over the world and I have a large and regular audience.

Unlike the request show every track in the CHR shows is picked by me and I try to cover all the different elements of rock music. This is the show from 9 March 2021. If you want to catch the show live it airs at 8pm UK time on Tuesday evenings on or on Alexa and Google.

Black Sabbath – After Forever (1971 Master of Reality)
The Howlers – I Don’t Love You All The Time (2021 single)
Grainne Duffy – Shine It On Me (2020 Voodoo Blues)
The Dead Daisies – Unspoken (2021 Holy Ground)
Texas Flood – Didn’t Need To Say (2014 Young Dogs Old Tricks)
Dani Turner & Friends – When The Levee Breaks (Lockdown video)
Havoc – Cusp (2008 H-Universe)
Sister Suzie – Angel from Montgomery (Facebook video)
Matilda’s Scoundrels – Jousting Crowd (2021 single)
Alice Cooper – I’m Eighteen (1971 Love It To Death)
J Lee & The Hoodoo Skulls – Take Me Higher (2019 Black Moon)
Early Times & The High Rollers – On The Corner (2021 The Corner)
Ryders Creed – On The Road (2018 Ryders Creed)
Ocean Hills – Death or Liberty (2021 Santa Monica)
Empyre – Only Way Out with orchestra (2021 single)
Nick Drake – Hazey Jane I (1971 Bryter Layter)
Great White – House of Broken Love (1989 Twice Shy)
Sons of Liberty – Into The Great Unknown (2019 Animism)
Saffire – The Great Escape (2015 For The Greater Good)
Mercury Rising – Runaway (2021 single)
Cockney Rejects – Learning to Fly (You Tube video)
Joyous Wolf – Quiet Heart (2019 Place In Time)
Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons – Waves (2020 We’re The Bastards)
Paul McCartney – Another Day (1971 single)

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