Tony Davis on Hastings Rock Presenting the New Wave of Classic Rock Parts I and II

NWOCR is currently a passion of mine with so many new bands coming through that are playing new music but drawing on the sounds of the bands that really defined the classic rock sound in the late sixties and early seventies.

Whilst this movement started as mainly a British thing it has now spread across the world. I was excited to be asked by Hastings Rock to present these two shows and I hope that you will enjoy the music I have chosen.

Part One Playlist
Gin Annie – Already Gone
Massive Wagons – Changes
Bad Day Blues Band – Hold On (I’m Comin)
The Dust Coda – The More It Fades
Ward XVI – Imago
Broken Ravens – Old Cast Crow
Empyre – Message and Only Way Out
Ashen Reach – Homecoming
Dirty Honey – Rolling 7s
Ragdoll – Follow The Leader
Mason Hill – No Regrets
Blackwater Conspiracy – All Wired Wrong
Sons of Liberty – Message and Damaged Reputation
69 Eyes – Cheyenna
Blackbriar – Deadly Nightshade
South of Salem – Severly Yours
When Rivers Meet – Bound For Nowhere
Scarlet Rebels – Heal
Hollowstar – Down By The Water
Revival Black – Wide Awake
SKAM – Circles
False Hearts – Break
The Treatment – Lightning In A Bottle
Bad Touch – Strut
Part Two Playlist
Bad Day Blues Band – Hurricane
Trucker Diablo – Tale End Of A Hurricane
Daxx & Roxanne – Give It Time
Trip Wizard – Downtrodden
Ryders Creed – Lost Soul
Black Rose Cadillac – Hey Now
Ashen Reach – Epiphany
The Black Moods – Sunshine
The L A Maybe – Mr Danger
Dirty Honey – California Dreaming
Jack J Hutchinson – Written In Stone
SKAM – Take It Or Leave It
The Nile Deltas – Dust Me Down
Black Paisley – Damned
Skintrade – Chosen One
Super Vintage – Salvation Road
Kris Barras Band – Ignite (Light It Up)
Pandoras Shadow – Righteous
The Dust Coda – Rolling
Mason Hill – Against The Wall
Gallows Circus – Holding My Breath
Collateral – Merry Go Round

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