Tony Davis Rock Music Podcast June 2020

Hi everyone. Thought it was about time that I put something new up from me. This podcast is made up of music that I am currently listening to and forms what I call my A list of bands and artists that I think should be heard more of. Just a word of caution some of the tracks are marked parental guidance.

I hope you enjoy what I have picked and that you’ll share this with your friends all around the world. Thanks for continued support for the 1066 Sound Project.

Vintage Caravan – On The Run (2018 Gateways)
Dirty Rose – Born To Break My Heart (2020 single)
The Dead Daisies – Unspoken (2020 single)
Esoterica – Gone (2020 In Dreams)
Nimmo Brothers – Living Again (2012 Brother to Brother)
Empyre – Stone (2019 Self Aware)
Wayward Sons – Any Other Way (2019 The Truth Ain’t What It Used To Be)
Dastardley Dudes – Jeckyl & Hyde (2020 Heartbreaker)
Bad Dog – Dead Man’s Shoes (2019 EP Bad Dog)
The Dust Code – Sun Goes Down (2017 The Dust Coda)
The Nile Deltas – Dust Me Down (2018 EP Life)
Super Vintage – Salvation Road (2015 Salvation Road)
Factory – Dreams of Home (2020 Aiming High)

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