Tony Davis Rock Show CHR 16 March 2021

For me my CHR shows are the perfect balance to the Saturday request show on 1066 Sound. The CHR shows give me the opportunity to bring music to listeners that I like and that I think they will like as well. These shows tend to focus on the New Wave of Classic Rock (NWOCR) together with a bit of progressive rock and classic tracks.

In truth I don’t think that, despite this being a Hospital Radio Station, many people in hospital listen to my shows. I do, however, have a hard core of listeners from all over the world, who join in a lively chat on my Facebook page. So if you’re finding this page for the first time I hope you enjoy the show and will become a regular live listener on Tuesday night at 8pm (UK time) on

Marillion – Kayleigh (1985 Misplaced Childhood)
Thunder – Last One Out Turn Off The Lights (2021 All The Right Noises)
The Cold Stares – Sleeping With Lions (2018 Mountain)
Joe Bonamassa – A Conversation With Alice (2020 Royal Tea)
King King – Rush Hour (2015 Reaching For The Light)
When Rivers Meet – Battleground (2020 We Fly Free)
Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen (1981 Bella Donna)
James Taylor – Mud Slide Slim (1971 Mud Slide Slim & The Blue Machine)
Cross City Union – Fault Lines (2020 Cross City Union EP)
Dirty Honey – California Dreamin’ (2021 single)
Blended Brew – Electrified Loser (2020 Shove It Down)
Kickin’ Valentina – Turns Me On (2017 Imaginary Creatures)
Jethro Tull – Aqualung (1971 Aqualung)
RPWL – In Your Dreams (2021 single)
Dead Atlantic – Lost In The Deadlights (2021 forthcoming album Lost)
Hollowstar – All I Gotta Say (2019 Hollowstar)
Black Rose Cadillac (Ryders Creed) – The Devil’s Road (2017 single)
Mason Hill – Out of Reach (2021 Against The Wall)
The White Buffalo – No History (2020 On The Widow’s Walk)
Popa Chubby – Back to New York City (2011 Back To New York City)
Pretty Maids – Firesoul Fly (2019 Undress Your Madness)
Sweet – Set Me Free (2021 single)
Black Paisley – Step Back (2018 Perrenials)

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