What is Tony Davis listening to – my top five albums of the moment from my A List

If you are regular listeners to my radio shows on Hastings Rock and CHR, or you listen to my 1066 Sound internet shows or podcasts here, you will know that I have what I call my A List. This contains tracks and albums by bands that are not that well known and that I think deserve a wider audience. They may be new or newish bands, like this montage, or bands that are no longer performing but left a great, and mostly unexplored, back catalogue.

This montage features five bands whose albums I am currently listening to and I hope a track from each will whet your appetite to go out and explore them further, You can also watch out for my monthly podcasts here which will feature my A List quite heavily.

So here are the album covers and the musical montage. Please enjoy and come back for more.

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